Prof. Isaac S. Kosgey, Vice Chancellor, Moi University

Prof. Isaac S. Kosgey, Vice Chancellor, Moi University officially opened the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp on 25th September 2019. While giving his remarks, the Vice Chancellor informed the participants that the University is encouraging entrepreneurship and business development from its students. He pointed out that the focus currently is to ensure that students not only learn theory but also develop and own businesses. He further pointed out that the Incubation Center, under ACEII PTRE will support students with business ideas/innovations to commercialization of the products. The Directorate of Research in the University will ensure that all the processes of Technology Transfer and patenting are followed to the later.

“The Big businesses we see, all began as small ideas formed into industries or companies either as a team or individually,” said Prof. Kosgey. The University commits to offer all the required support to the Incubation Center to ensure that the objective is achieved.

Vice Chancellor and the participants of the Boot Camp