Moi University under the ACEII-PTRE Project applied for the IUCEA call in collaboration with other partners and won the  award of the grant US $  25,0000  to host an Incubation Center. It targets to strengthen capacity in Education excellence, development impact, establishing partnership with industries, innovation and transfer of technology and supporting business incubation up-to commercialization stage. The Center shall transform ideas into products through: • Research and incubation,• Excellent training, • Mentorship and offering necessary infrastructure, • Services and resource support. 


i) To pursue excellence in teaching, research and outreach, ii)To produce well informed, practical, and self-reliant graduates capable of  contributing to development in rural and urban areas, iii)To offer expertise in area of national development, iv)To promote science and technology for national development, v)To participate fully in the promotion of culture and develop individuals who are responsive to the needs and well-being of others, vi)To offer a range of opportunities for training through continuing education and vii)To secure and manage resources to achieve the above goals efficiently.