Elshaday Mulu Fetene from Ethiopia. I graduated with a master’s degree in Energy studies at Moi University, Kenya, under a Scholarship from Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) awarded to me through the Africa Centre of Excellence II in Phytochemicals, Textiles, and Renewable Energy (ACE II PTRE). The scholarship, gave me the opportunity to improve my communication skills and to learn how to write research papers. As a result of good cooperative with supervisors and others ACE II-PTRE students, I was able to publish a review paper in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. In addition, I have three papers under reviews in different journals. Furthermore, I presented one paper in virtual international conference on ACE II-PTRE. The programme gave me a chance to learn more about Kenya and East Africa culture. I have since reported back to my country and working at Haramaya University.

emuyemulu@yahoo.com, BSc. Mechanical Engineering (Arba Minch University, Ethiopia)

MSc. in Energy studies student Moi-University-ACE-II-PTRE