I am Meseret Biazen Belete, from Ethiopia, and currently undertaking a master degree in Energy study, Department of Mechanical, Production and Energy Engineering sponsored under African centre of excellence in phytochemicals, textiles and renewable energy (ACEII- PTRE) scholarship. I found it very essential and helpful in building capacity in academics and all aspects of life as well. Since I joined MOI University, Kenya, I have been using my ultimate power trying to be the best version of myself. This is because (luckily) the lecturers, the staffs in the centre and anybody that I have met in this university and outside the campus always driving me with positive energy. And also I have got chances to participate in different conferences, trainings and workshops; helps me to interact with scholars and gain experiences from them. I am hopeful that this experience will enable me to be part of the team who have a positive impact on the technology and development of Africa.