I am a Ocident Bongomin.  I am currently pursuing PhD in Industrial Engineering at Moi University under ACEII PTRE Scholarship.  The center supported me for my  my master degree in industrial engineering and I successfully completed and graduated.  I am so grateful and thankful for the generous support from the ACE II-PTRE scholarship program that has led to this unprecedented achievement. Besides my master degree, I have obtained two short course training certificates, I actively participated in rapid prototyping for Internet of Things (IoT) short course training at CST-University of Rwanda. I also participated in Mechatronic short course training organized by school of engineering Moi university and GKD institute for technological resources from India. I also presented a paper in a virtual international conference organized by ACE II PTRE. So far so good, I have published six (6) articles in reputable journals with 70 citations in google scholar and I have five (5) verified peer review activities. Interestingly, I am the founder and executive director of Africa Wins Foundation (AWF), a think tank industry. I am so much excited about tomorrow because I want to make it better. My masters research areas were in Assembly line balancing, industry 4.0, digital twins, predictive maintenance, process simulation and optimization, and advanced manufacturing and automation.

For further information about me, please contact or locate me at:

Email: ocidentbongomin@gmail.com, ocident@mu.ac.ke.    Tel. +256779245557/+254706536659.      ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0430-2722.   Elsevier: Scopus Author ID: 57214996781.          Web of science: ResearcherID: AAG-8078-2020